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Classification and characteristics of the wire drawing die

Time:2020-06-01 10:45:25Hits:
According to the blanks, the wire drawing die can be divided into natural diamond wire drawing die, mono diamond wire drawing die, polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die, tungsten carbide wire drawing die, etc.
1. The blank of the natural diamond wire drawing die is natural diamond, which has extremely strong wear resistance and a very long service life.

2.The blank of the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is single crystal diamond, which also has strong wear resistance and is a substitute for the natural drawing die. In terms of the size of the drawn wire, it is more than the natural one.

3.The blank of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is polycrystalline diamond. According to the different metal binders, it is mainly divided into cobalt base and silicon base polycrystalline diamond, which has good wear resistance and high drawing efficiency.

4.The nib of the tungsten carbide wire drawing die is generally tungsten steel or cemented carbide, which is more economical than other wire drawing dies, and is very suitable for drawing various nonferrous metals and ferrous metals.

5.Nano-coated wire drawing die is a newly developed new technology, and its main method is to coat metal film on the hard alloy drawing die. The metal film is a pure titanium coating, which not only has good finish, temperature resistance, but also has the advantages of titanium wear resistance and low price, and has achieved good results in replacing carbide wire drawing die tools.

6.Shaped wire drawing die: most of the blanks are mainly made of diamond, which has very strong tensile strength and wear resistance very good, the internal wear is relatively uniform during use, there are many types of die holes, such as: square, hexagon, ellipse, trapezoid, etc.