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How to maintain and repair the wire drawing die?

Time:2020-06-01 11:11:12Hits:
The effective maintenance and repair of the wire drawing die is essential to reduce costs.
Due to the vibration of the wire, the area first contacting the wire in the reduction zone of the drawing die will first produce some slight annular wear, and then continue to expand to the bearing, causing the surface quality of the wire to deteriorate seriously and the wire size to expand. Not only that, severe wear and tear will cause lateral cracks (mainly in the drawing process of the soft wire) or longitudinal cracks (mainly in the drawing of the hard wire), resulting in premature scrapping of the mold.
Therefore, according to the types of wire rods to be drawn and the characteristics of wire drawing, the maintenance specifications for wire drawing dies should be scientifically formulated. Under normal circumstances, slight annular wear only needs to be polished to resume use, or a slightly enlarged diameter can meet the drawing requirements. Excessive wear will greatly reduce the number of mold repairs, or even scrap, making the cost of wire drawing increased.