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How to choose the right wire drawing die?

Time:2020-06-30 16:16:13Hits:
Wire drawing dies can be divided into tungsten carbide wire drawing dies, natural diamond wire drawing dies, polycrystalline diamond drawing dies, etc. according to the material, and are widely used in high-tech industries such as electronic devices, radar, TV, instrumentation and aerospace, with extremely strong wear resistance , High hardness and very long service life.

For example, when drawing copper wires of the same diameter, the service life of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies is 300 to 500 times the life of hard metal dies, and when drawing nickel wires is only 80 to 100 times, when drawing molybdenum wires, The service life is only 50 to 80 times the life of the tungsten carbide wire drawing die, and when drawing carbon steel, the life of the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is only 20 to 60 times that of the tungsten carbide wire drawing die.
Although the wire drawing die can be used to process various metals and alloy materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc., due to the different material of the wire drawing die, the scope of application is also different, and the wire drawing dies of different materials have their relatively reasonable processing objects. Therefore, the reasonable selection of the material of the drawing die is the key to extending the life of the drawing die and improving the production efficiency.
When drawing the wire, choosing the wrong drawing die will cause the drawing die to wear out. When drawing the wire, it will also increase the loss of the drawing die and reduce the service life. Therefore, according to the different drawing wires, the correct drawing die should be selected during use to understand the difference