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Classification Of Hot-made Die Steels
Jul 26, 2018

There are many classification methods of hot-die steels, which can be classified according to the content of alloying elements and the properties after heat treatment, according to their use, or according to alloying elements.

(1) According to the use can be divided into hot forging dies steel, hot extrusion die steel, die-casting die steel, hot blanking die steel.

(2) According to heat resistance can be divided into low heat-resisting steel (350~370℃), medium-heat-resisting steel (550~600℃), high heat-resisting steel.

(3) According to the unique performance of high toughness hot die steel, Gaoje hot as die steel, high wear-resistant hot as die steel. (4) According to the classification of alloy elements can be divided into low alloy hot-die Steel (tungsten series, chromium and molybdenum series), Medium alloy hot-die steel and high alloy hot-die Steel (W-mo system and CR-Mo series), or divided into Tungsten series Gemporg, Chromium series Gemporg and chromium-tungsten-molybdenum series hot-die steel. The high temperature strength and thermal stability of CR-W high alloy hot-work die steels are less than that of tungsten-molybdenum system, while the fatigue resistance and toughness are higher than that of tungsten and molybdenum.

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