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PCD Drawing Die

  • Artificial Polycrystalline Diamond Mold

    Synthetic diamond is usually prepared by a high temperature and high pressure sintering method, and also by a crystal growth method. Synthetic diamonds include synthetic polycrystalline diamond and synthetic single crystal diamond.
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  • Single Crystal Diamond Wire Drawing Die

    Artificial single crystal diamond is usually obtained by temperature gradient method. It combines some of the advantages of natural diamonds.
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  • Natural Diamond Drawing Die

    Natural wire drawing die Natural diamond wire drawing dies are the most expensive and extremely difficult to process. At the same time, because of the anisotropy of natural diamond, the hardness varies greatly in the radial range, and it is easy to produce severe wear in a...
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  • Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Die

    The hardness of polycrystalline diamond mold is second only to natural diamond. Because of its isotropic characteristics, it does not cause a single radial wear increase phenomenon, but its price is very expensive, processing is difficult, and manufacturing cost is high.
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  • Ceramic Wire Drawing Die

    High-performance ceramic materials have the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, strong chemical stability, excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and difficult adhesion to metals, and can be widely used in the processing of difficult-to-machine...
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  • CVD Coated Wire Drawing Die

    The CVD coating wire drawing die has good wear resistance due to the diamond property, and the surface roughness of the drawn wire wire is low, but the CVD coating wire drawing die has a complicated manufacturing process,
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