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Wire Drawing Die

  • Mono Diamond Dies

    Mono diamond's feature is similar to natural diamond. The drawing surface is very fine, good polishing. The hole can keep well in a round shape when drawing.
    It is used for fine metal wires, like copper, golden wire, silver wire and so on.
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  • Filament Drawing Die

    The wire drawing die is a mold for drawing various metal wires, and can draw straight, difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, wires, pipes, etc., and is suitable for drawing processing of metal and alloy materials such as steel, copper, tungsten, filament, etc.
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  • Resistance Wire Drawing Die

    A wire drawing die made of a fine-grained polycrystalline gold stellite blank can be used to draw a key chrome resistance wire of a small size like 0.0004 inch, and the produced wire has more uniform electrical resistance characteristics.
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  • Copper Coated Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Die

    In the wire industry, the copper wire drawing process is widely used, and the copper wire drawing liquid is generally used as a drawing lubricant to achieve high speed and efficient production.
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  • Galvanized Steel Wire Drawing Die

    The galvanized steel wire drawing die is a mold for drawing various metal wires, which can draw straight, difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, wires, pipes, etc.
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  • Steel Wire Drawing Die

    Cemented carbide is made of refractory metal carbide (tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, etc.), with iron group metal cobalt or nickel as the bismuth metal.
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  • Precious Metal Wire Drawing Die

    Precious metal filament. Especially for the drawing of thermocouple wires that need to work in the temperature range of 1600 ° C, it is necessary to make the bismuth polycrystalline wire drawing die and the natural diamond wire drawing die to meet the fine requirements.
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  • Gold Wire Drawing Die

    The wire drawing die is an indispensable mold for the production of wire. The processing method and material selection vary depending on the type of wire and the diameter of the wire.
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  • Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Die

    Drawing die is one of the important tools for steel wire drawing production in the metal products industry. The quality level of low carbon steel wire drawing die directly affects wire quality, output, mold loss and economic benefits.
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  • Nickel-chromium-iron Alloy Wire Drawing Die

    Nickel-chromium wire drawing die can be used to draw aluminum, copper, aluminum and copper alloys, tinned copper, nickel, chromium, tungsten and molybdenum and other colored gold wire.
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  • Tungsten Carbide Drawing Die

    Before discussing this content, it is necessary to make a simple estimation of the phenomenon occurring in the core during the drawing process. The factors related to the mold blank are mainly as follows: - the wire is produced when it comes into contact with the inner...
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  • Copper Wire Drawing Die

    The largest market for diamonds is the copper wire manufacturing industry. In the Western world, the annual output of copper wire exceeds 4 million tons.
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