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Drawing Die Structure
Jul 26, 2018

The structure of drawing mould core can be divided into five intervals of "inlet area, lubrication area, working area, fixed diameter area and export area" according to the working nature. The inner diameter profile of the drawing die is very important, which determines the tensile force needed to compress the wire and affects the residual stress in the wire after drawing. The function of each area of the mould core is: The entrance area, convenient threading and prevent the steel wire from the entrance direction scrapes the drawing die; lubrication zone, through which the wire is easy to bring into the lubricant; The working area is the main part of the die hole, the deformation process of the steel wire is carried out here, the original section is reduced to the required section size When drawing a conical metal, the space occupied by the metal in the working area is a round table, which is called the deformation zone. The conical half angle α (also known as the Die Hole half angle) in the working area is mainly used to determine the pulling force size, the function of the sizing area is to obtain the exact size of the drawn steel wire, and the export area is used to prevent the steel wire from not being smooth and scratching the steel wire surface.

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