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Notes For Carbide Drawing Die
Jul 26, 2018

1. equipment selection: according to the material and drawing equipment that you want to pull out, the compression ratio of each drawing die is reasonably matched, thus the angle of the working area of each drawing die is determined. (what type of wire drawing die)

2. pretreatment of wire drawing materials, such as cleaning, rust removal, annealing, phosphating and so on, to ensure the cleanliness of materials.

3. drawing powder, oil selection: use high quality suitable drawing powder (lubricant and oil) to do the cooling of drawing die.

4. die abnormal and timely treatment: when drawing die, such as die cracking, die, stick, wire, shrinkage, broken wire, high temperature, mould blackening, no wear resistance, please contact with professional technicians in time.

5. the timely replacement of aging drawing die: when the drawing die reaches the service life, please replace the drawing die in time to repair the mold, so as not to use the wire drawing die to cause the scrap of the drawing material.

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